European Congress of NeuroRehabilitation 2017

25–28 October 2017 • Lausanne, Switzerland

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Useful country information

EU citizens do not require a visa to enter in Switzerland
Citizens with residence outside of Europe need a valid Visa for entering Switzerland.

Currency and money exchange
The currency of Switzerland is the Swiss franc (CHF).
Switzerland is not a part of the European Union but many prices are indicated in euros. That makes it easier for visitors to compare prices.

You can change money at any Swiss bank, the airport, main railway stations and major hotels. Swiss bank will offer the best exchange rates.

Generally, in Switzerland the banking hours are Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 12pm and from 2pm to 5 pm.

Do not worry about tipping in Switzerland. Tips are included in the price. You can reward good service by rounding up to the nearest franc or round figure.

Switzerland has 4 distributed languages and a lot of dialects.

German is the most widely spoken language, French is spoken in the western part, Italian is spoken in some valleys of the Canton Graubünden and Rhaeto-Rumantsch is also spoken in Graubünden.

Lausanne is located in the Central European Time Zone (CET) which is one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

The climate is moderate but nowhere the weather is more changeable than in the mountains.

The Swiss alps cause many climatic variations thougout Switzerland.

Temperatures vary a lot by season, location and elevation. The warmest months are July and August and the coolest months are January and February. One of the warmest areas is Lake Geneva, where the City Lausanne is located.

The power sockets in Switzerland are of type J. The standard voltage is 230 V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz. Type J socket will also works with plug C. But plug N will not work.

At the train stations in Switzerland you can connect to a free wifi called SBB. For connection you have to register with your number and key in the One-Time-Password for easy access. You will be connect again automatically at the other train stations.

Most oft he Hotels, Hostels and Cafes also provide free wifi for their guests.